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Welcome to Beautifully You, I’m Bianca. 


My story begins over 10 years ago, when I was deep in life with 3 kids under 3 – it was hectic & to be honest, pretty hard, I don’t think I had taken my hair out of its “mum bun” or applied makeup for at least 2 years, much less slept! 

It was on a particularly rough day that a good friend of mine finally convinced me to get lash extensions (bear in mind, they were very new then and I thought she was a little crazy!) and boy am I glad she did, I literally cried, it was the first time I had felt pretty in so long - I couldn’t believe that I got to go for a nap and woke up feeling amazing – it was like magic! 


From that moment on, I was obsessed, I found an amazing company to train with, became certified, and grew my business around my beautiful family. A few years ago I started training future Lash Artists as I am so passionate about the industry and sharing knowledge, I want everyone to experience its brilliance!


I have kept my business small as I love the personal relationships I have with my clients and still I get to be there for my kids. That’s not to say the obsession has wained, far from it! I still devour anything and everything lash and beauty related, travel almost yearly to attend conferences, trainings & workshops and genuinely can’t imagine a better way to live my life. 


So if you are interested in trying lashes for the first time, a lash-a-holic, new to the industry or looking to get into lashes as a career – reach out! I love to chat and will be happy to answer any questions you have! 

Bianca x

Thinking of becoming as a lash artist?

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